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Opera is the biggest professional wood fired and gas powered oven in the Alfa Pro range. Available in wood or gas versions, this device is perfect for those who want a professional oven that offers traditional wood fired oven flavour. Its light weight and stainless steel dome enable you to save on fuel costs.

This is a real professional wood fired oven that cooks up to 150 pizzas per hour. Both wood and gas versions come with a 30 Kw burner which can be installed under the hood with no installation works in your restaurant or pizzeria. Opera is perfect for pizza and much more….steaks, seafood, or any other kind of dishes.

Opera - LP

  • Wood consumption: 7,5 kg/h – 16 lbs/h
    LPG consumption: 2,3 kg/h – 5 lbs/h
    Methane consumption: 3 m3/h

    Dimensions WxDxH: 146x150x170 cm – 58x59x67 in
    Weight: 450 kg – 990 Ibs

    Heating time
    20’ to reach 200°C (400°F)
    40’ to reach 450°C (850°F)

    Pizza capacity: 7 pizzas
    Cooking performance: 150 pizzas per hour


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